LinearAlgebraOperationsExtensions.BandSymmetricMultiplyAndAddInPlace Method

Overload List

BandSymmetricMultiplyAndAddInPlace<T>(ILinearAlgebraOperations<T>, MatrixTriangle, Int32, Int32, T, ReadOnlySpan2D<T>, ReadOnlySpanSlice<T>, T, SpanSlice<T>)

Performs the matrix-vector operation y := alpha*A*x + beta*y, where alpha and beta are scalars, x and y are n element vectors and A is an n by n symmetric band matrix, with k super-diagonals.

BandSymmetricMultiplyAndAddInPlace<T, TStorage, TStorage2D>(ILinearAlgebraOperations<T>, MatrixTriangle, Int32, Int32, T, TStorage2D, TStorage, T, TStorage) Product of a symmetric band matrix and a vector.

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