RdataFile.Write(Stream, IDictionary<String, DataFrame<Int64, String>>, Boolean, Boolean) Method

Writes the data frames in a collection to the specified file.


Namespace: Extreme.Data.R
Assembly: Extreme.Data (in Extreme.Data.dll) Version: 3.2.0
public static void Write(
	Stream stream,
	IDictionary<string, DataFrame<long, string>> dataFrames,
	bool compress = true,
	bool ascii = false


stream  Stream
The stream to write the data frames to.
dataFrames  IDictionary<String, DataFrame<Int64, String>>
A dictionary that maps names to the data frames to write.
compress  Boolean  (Optional)
Optional. Specifies whether the data should be compressed. The default is true.
ascii  Boolean  (Optional)
Optional. Specifies whether the data should be written in human-readable ASCII format. The default is false.

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