DelimitedTextOptions(IFormatProvider, Boolean, Boolean, Int32, Int32, Type, Char, String, QuoteUsage, Char, QuoteEscapeMethod, Char, Boolean, AutoCategorization, Int32) Constructor

Constructs a new set of options for delimited text files.


Namespace: Extreme.Data.Text
Assembly: Extreme.Data (in Extreme.Data.dll) Version: 3.2.0
public DelimitedTextOptions(
	IFormatProvider formatProvider = null,
	bool rowHeaders = false,
	bool columnHeaders = true,
	int startRow = 0,
	int inferenceRows = 100,
	Type decimalType = null,
	char columnDelimiter = ',',
	string endOfLine = "",
	QuoteUsage quote = QuoteUsage.AsNeededForColumnType,
	char quoteCharacter = '"',
	QuoteEscapeMethod quoteEscapeMethod = QuoteEscapeMethod.Double,
	char escapeCharacter = '\',
	bool mergeConsecutiveDelimiters = false,
	AutoCategorization autoCategorize = AutoCategorization.None,
	int maxCategories = 100


formatProvider  IFormatProvider  (Optional)
An IFormatProvider that is used in the conversion between text and other data types.
rowHeaders  Boolean  (Optional)
Indicates that the first column contains row headers.
columnHeaders  Boolean  (Optional)
Indicates that the first row contains column headers.
startRow  Int32  (Optional)
An integer specifying the 1-based row which contains the start of the data.
inferenceRows  Int32  (Optional)
The number of rows to use to infer the types of the columns.
decimalType  Type  (Optional)
The type to use for numbers containing decimals.
columnDelimiter  Char  (Optional)
The character used to separate columns.
endOfLine  String  (Optional)
The string used to terminate a row.
quote  QuoteUsage  (Optional)
A QuoteUsage value that specifies when fields should be quoted. The default is AsNeededForColumnType.
quoteCharacter  Char  (Optional)
The character used to quote fields.
quoteEscapeMethod  QuoteEscapeMethod  (Optional)
Specifies whether the quote character should be repeated twice when it appears in quoted text.
escapeCharacter  Char  (Optional)
The character to use to escape quote characters.
mergeConsecutiveDelimiters  Boolean  (Optional)
Indicates whether consecutive column delimiters are to be treated as a single delimiter.
autoCategorize  AutoCategorization  (Optional)
Specifies which columns should be automatically converted to categorical columns.
maxCategories  Int32  (Optional)
The largest number of distinct levels for a column to be considered categorical.


ArgumentOutOfRangeExceptionstartRow is less than 1.

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