What's New in Version 4.1

Math Library

  • New optimization framework that provides a generic model for defining and solving optimization problems.
  • New solvers for Quadratic Programming (QP) and Nonlinnear Programming (NL).
  • New DecimalMath class that extends the functions in System.Math to the decimal type to full decimal precision.
  • Accurate evaluation of trigonometric functions for huge arguments.

Vector and Matrix Library

  • New iterative sparse solvers and preconditioners.
  • Stationary methods: Jacobi, Gauss-Seidel.
  • Non-stationary methods: Conjugate Gradient and variants (CG, CGS, BiCG, BiCGStab), GMRES, QMR.
  • Preconditioners: Jacobi, ILU(0).

Statistics Library

  • New probability distributions: LogSeries and Maxwell.