What's New in Version 4.2

Math Library

  • Automatic differentiation: symbolic computation of derivatives, gradients and Jacobians.
  • Extensible with built-in support for derivatives of methods in System.Math and most elementary and special functions in the library.
  • Backward differentiation with common sub-expression elimination generates optimal evaluation.
  • New SymbolicMath class that lets you optimize functions and solve equations specified as lambda expressions using automatic differentation.
  • New properties on optimizer and equation solver classes to support automatic differentation.
  • New methods of the NonlinearCurve class to enable creation of a curve from a lambda expression using automatic differentation.
  • Evaluation of (sequences of) classic orthogonal polynomials: Chebyshev (1st and 2nd kind), Hermite, Laguerre, Legendre and Gegenbauer.

Statistics Library

  • Stepwise linear regression.
  • Regression fits of linearized curves: logarithmic, power, exponential, reciprocal…
  • Chi-square test for proportions.
  • 2x2 and RxC Contingency tables.
  • Improved hypothesis test API.
  • Extended methods and properties of logistic regression models.