What's New in Version 5.0

Improved setup experience

  • There now is one setup for all .NET versions.
  • There is no longer a separate trial version. Instead, you can activate your license using the new license manager.
  • The new license manager application lets you keep track of when your trial version or update subscription will expire, and helps you order or upgrade.

F# support

  • Integration with fsi, including pretty printing of vectors and matrices.
  • Support for F# indexers for vector and matrix slices.
  • Support for F#-specific operators like elementwise multiply and divide.
  • F# function bindings for many mathematical and statistical functions.
  • F# function bindings that allow partial evaluation.
  • F# support for symbolic differentiation.

Math Library

  • A new static class, NumericsConfiguration, provides access to global settings, including settings for the linear algebra and FFT kernels, and arbitrary precision floating-point arithmetic.
  • Akima splines and cubic Hermite splines.
  • Evaluation of orthogonal polynomials.

Vector and Matrix Library

  • New symmetric indefinite decomposition.
  • New Summarize methods to display compact representations of vectors and matrices.
  • 100% of DoubleComplex functionality is available in managed code.
  • All functionality is now available for generic element types, including real and complex, as well as dense and sparse matrices.
  • Consistent naming of operator methods for static calls, in-place and out-of-place updates.
  • Relational operators for generic matrices.
  • The location of native assemblies can be configured.
  • Matlab reader can access all arrays in a file, not just the first.

Statistics Library

  • Factor analysis using a wide variety of extraction and rotation methods.
  • New method to compute the nearest correlation matrix.
  • New methods to get the skewness or kurtosis of a numerical variable with its standard error.