General features of Numerics.NET:

  • Easy to use even for the mathematically not-so-inclined

  • Great performance through optimized implementation of the best algorithms.
  • Powerful enough to satisfy the most demanding power user.

  • Intuitive object model. The objects in Extreme Numerics.NET and the relationships between them match our every-day concepts.

  • Cross-platform. Works out-of-the-box on .NET versions 8.0, 6.0, on Windows, Linux, iOS and Android.

Detailed Feature Lists

QuickStart Samples

The QuickStart Samples show you how to use the classes in Numerics.NET with code in C#, VB.NET and F#.

Sample Applications

The sample applications give you a more in-depth and thorough example of how Numerics.NET may be used in real-life applications.

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