JsonOptions Constructor

Constructs a new set of options for delimited text files.


Namespace: Extreme.Data.Json
Assembly: Extreme.Data.Json (in Extreme.Data.Json.dll) Version: 3.1.1
public JsonOptions(
	IFormatProvider formatProvider = null,
	int inferenceRows = 100,
	Type decimalType = null,
	JsonDataFrameLayout layout = JsonDataFrameLayout.Automatic


formatProvider  IFormatProvider  (Optional)
An IFormatProvider that is used in the conversion between text and other data types.
inferenceRows  Int32  (Optional)
The number of rows to use to infer the types of the columns.
decimalType  Type  (Optional)
The type to use for numbers containing decimals.
layout  JsonDataFrameLayout  (Optional)
Specifies the layout used to store data frames.

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