RType Enumeration

Enumerates the types of R objects that may be stored in a file.


Namespace: Extreme.Data.R
Assembly: Extreme.Data (in Extreme.Data.dll) Version: 3.2.0
public enum RType


NilValue0 A null value.
Symbol1 An item in a pair list.
PairList2 A collection of named objects.
Char9 A function closure.
Logical10 A vector of logical (boolean) values.
Integer13 A vector of integers.
Real14 A vector of real numbers.
Complex15 A vector of complex numbers.
String16 A vector of strings.
List19 A collection of unnamed objects.
S4Object25 An R 'object.' Currently not supported.
EndOfList254 An end-of-list marker.
Reference255 An internal reference to another object.

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