Model Properties


BaseFeatureIndex Gets an index containing the keys of the columns that are required inputs to the model.
Computed Gets whether the model has been computed.
Data Gets an object that contains all the data used as input to the model.
Fitted Gets whether the model has been computed.
InputSchema Gets the schema for the features used for fitting the model.
MaxDegreeOfParallelism Gets or sets the maximum degree of parallelism enabled by this instance.
ModelSchema Gets the collection of variables used in the model.
NumberOfObservations Gets the number of observations the model is based on.
ParallelOptions Gets or sets an object that specifies how the calculation of the model should be parallelized.
Status Gets the status of the model, which determines which information is available.
SupportsWeights Indicates whether the model supports case weights.
Weights Gets or sets the actual weights.

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