Extreme.Statistics Namespace

The Extreme.Statistics namespace contains classes that are used to represent statistical models.


AnovaModel Represents an Analysis of Variance (ANOVA) model.
AnovaModelRow Represents a row representing a contribution from the model in an AnovaTable.
AnovaRow Represents a row in an AnovaTable.
AnovaTable Represents a table containing the results of an ANOVA analysis.
ContingencyTable Represents a table that cross-tabulates totals from two categorical variables.
Descriptives<T> Collects descriptive statistics for a variable.
Filter Represents a filter that can be used to select observations in a Vector<T> or IDataFrame.
GeneralizedLinearModel Represents a generalized linear model.
HypothesisTests Contains static methods to create hypothesis tests.
Kernel Represents a kernel used for kernel density estimation.
KernelDensity Contains methods for computing kernel density estimates.
LinearRegressionModel Represents a linear regression model.
LinkFunction Represents a link function in a GeneralizedLinearModel.
LogisticRegressionModel Represents a logistic regression model.
ModelFamily Represents a family of distributions for the dependent variable in a GeneralizedLinearModel.
NonlinearRegressionModel Represents a nonlinear regression model.
OneWayAnovaModel Represents the results of a one-way analysis of variance (ANOVA).
OneWayRAnovaModel Represents an analysis of variance (ANOVA) calculation.
PolynomialRegressionModel Represents a polynomial regression model.
RegressionStep Represents information about a step in a stepwise regression.
RegularizedRegressionModel Represents a regularized (ridge or LASSO) regression model.
SimpleRegressionModel Represents a linear regression model.
Stats Provides static methods for descriptive statistics and other statistical functions.
StepwiseOptions Specifies options for stepwise regression calculations.
TwoWayAnovaModel Represents a two-way within-subjects Analysis of Variance (ANOVA) model.
WindowFilter Represents a sliding window on a variable or variable collection.


Cell Represents a data cell in an AnovaModel.
ContingencyTableCell Represents a bin in a ContingencyTable.
DateTimeInterval Represents an interval of real numbers.


AnovaRowType Enumerates the possible types of rows in an AnovaTable.
KernelDensityBandwidthEstimator Enumerates the options for estimating the bandwidth in kernel density estimation.
LogisticRegressionMethod Enumerates the variants of logistic regression that can be represented by a LogisticRegressionModel.
NearestCorrelationMatrixAlgorithm Enumerates the possible algorithms for computing the nearest correlation matrix.
RegressionStepOperation Enumerates the operations that may be performed during a single step in stepwise regression.
ScaleFittingMethod Enumerates the possible ways to estimate the scale parameter in a generalized linear model.
SimpleRegressionKind Enumerates the different kinds of regression between two variables.
StepwiseCriterion Enumerates the possible ways to define the threshold for the to-enter and to-remove values.
StepwiseRegressionMethod Enumerates the possible ways to perform a stepwise regression.
SumsOfSquaresType Enumerates the types of sums of squares available when computing an ANOVA table.
TestOfHomogeneityOfVariances Enumerates the choices when testing whether a number of samples have the same variance.
TestOfNormality Enumerates the choices when testing whether a sample follows a normal distribution.