Extreme.Statistics.Multivariate Namespace

The Extreme.Statistics.Multivariate namespace contains classes that implement multivariate statistical analysis techniques.


DendrogramNode Represents a node in a dendrogram.
DistanceMeasures Provides access to standard distance measures for hierarchical cluster analysis.
Factor Represents a factor in a factor analysis.
FactorAnalysis Represents a Factor Analysis.
HierarchicalCluster Represents a cluster of cases in a cluster analysis.
HierarchicalClusterAnalysis Represents a hierarchical cluster analysis of a set of data.
HierarchicalClusterCollection Represents a collection of clusters.
KMeansCluster Represents a cluster of cases in a K-means cluster analysis.
KMeansClusterAnalysis Represents a K-Means cluster analysis.
LinearDiscriminantAnalysis Represents a linear discriminant classification model.
LinearDiscriminantFunction Represents a discriminant function.
PartialLeastSquaresModel Represents a Partial Least Squares (PLS) model.
PrincipalComponent Represents a component in a PrincipalComponentAnalysis.
PrincipalComponentAnalysis Represents the Principal Component Analysis (PCA) of a set of data.
PrincipalComponentCollection Represents a collection of principal components in a PrincipalComponentAnalysis.
SimilarityMatrix Represents a similarity matrix used in hierarchical clustering.


FactorCountMethod Enumerates the possible ways the number of factors in a factor analysis may be determined.
FactorExtractionMethod Enumarates the possible ways to extract factors in a factor analysis.
FactorMethod Enumerates the options for performing factor analysis on a correlation or a covariance matrix.
FactorRotationMethod Enumerates the possible factor rotation methods for a factor analysis.
FactorScoreMethod Enumerates the ways factor scores may be computed.
KMeansInitializationMethod Enumerates the methods that may be used to initialize the K-means clustering algorithm.
LinkageMethod Enumerates the possible linkage methods in hierarchical cluster analysis.
PartialLeastSquaresMethod Enumerates the algorithms that may be used to compute a partial least squares (PLS) model.
ScalingMethod Enumerates the ways to scale the columns in a Principal Component Analysis.