Extreme.Mathematics.Random Namespace

The Extreme.Mathematics.Random namespace contains classes that represent random number generators and related classes.


ExtendedRandom Extends the functionality of Random.
GfsrGenerator Represents a generalized feedback shift register pseudo-random number generator.
MersenneTwister Represents a pseudo-random number generator based on the Mersenne Twister algorithm.
ParallelRandom Extends the functionality of Random by allowing access to a random number generator from multiple threads.
QuasiRandom Contains methods that generate quasi-random sequences.
RandomEnumerator<T> Iterates over the items of a collection in a random manner. Every member of the collection is used exactly once.
RandomizedCollection<T> Represents a collection whose elements are enumerated in random order.
RandomWordGenerator Base class for random number generators that produce random data in chunks of 32-bit words.
RanLux Represents a RanLux pseudo-random number generator
RanLux24 Represents a RanLux pseudo-random number generator
Shuffler Contains methods for shuffling (randomizing) the members of a collection.
SobolSequenceGenerator Represents a generator of Sobol sequences of the specified dimension.


RanLuxLuxuryLevel Enumerates possible values for the LuxuryLevel of a RanLux random number generator.