IIndex.JoinWithNearest Method

This API is preliminary and subject to change.
Returns the index that is the result of applying the specified join to this index and another index where lookups are to the nearest key in the specified direction.


Namespace: Extreme.DataAnalysis
Assembly: Extreme.Numerics (in Extreme.Numerics.dll) Version: 8.1.23
IIndex JoinWithNearest(
	IIndex right,
	JoinType joinType,
	Direction direction,
	out int[] leftIndexes,
	out int[] rightIndexes


right  IIndex
The second index.
joinType  JoinType
The type of join.
direction  Direction
The direction to look for the key if an exact match is not found.
leftIndexes  Int32[]
An array of indexes of the elements of the current index in the new index.
rightIndexes  Int32[]
An array of indexes of the elements of right in the new index.

Return Value

The joined index.


Only left and right joins are supported. If multiple values keys map to the same key, only one of them is retained.

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