DataFrame<R, C>.ApplyWith<T> Method

Applies a matrix function to this data frame and another and returns the result as a data frame.


Namespace: Extreme.DataAnalysis
Assembly: Extreme.Numerics (in Extreme.Numerics.dll) Version: 8.1.23
public DataFrame<R, C> ApplyWith<T>(
	Func<Matrix<T>, Matrix<T>, Matrix<T>> function,
	DataFrame<R, C> right


function  Func<Matrix<T>, Matrix<T>, Matrix<T>>
A function that maps to matrices with element type T to another matrix.
right  DataFrame<R, C>
The second argument of the function.

Type Parameters

The element type of the matrix function.

Return Value

DataFrame<R, C>
A new data frame which is the result of applying function to this data frame and right converted to a matrix with element type T.

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