DataFrame.ReadDelimited Method

Note: This API is now obsolete.
Reads a data frame from a delimited text file.


Namespace: Extreme.DataAnalysis
Assembly: Extreme.Numerics (in Extreme.Numerics.dll) Version: 8.1.23
[ObsoleteAttribute("Use the classes in the Extreme.Data package instead.")]
public static DataFrame<long, string> ReadDelimited(
	string path,
	int startRow = 1,
	char[] columnDelimiters = null,
	bool mergeConsecutiveDelimiters = false,
	CultureInfo culture = null


path  String
The path to the file.
startRow  Int32  (Optional)
An integer specifying the 1-based row which contains the start of the data.
columnDelimiters  Char[]  (Optional)
A Char array containing the characters that are used as column delimiters.
mergeConsecutiveDelimiters  Boolean  (Optional)
A Boolean value that indicates whether consecutive column delimiters are to be treated as a single delimiter.
culture  CultureInfo  (Optional)
An CultureInfo that is used to interpret the numerical data.

Return Value

DataFrame<Int64, String>


If columnDelimiters is null, a space and tab character are used as column delimiters.


ArgumentOutOfRangeExceptionstartRow is less than 1.

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